Ruchi sethi


How often have you gone through speaker bureau websites one after the other ending up being rather confused more than certain about who fits the bill for your upcoming conference.

How often have you been subjected to scanning all the speaker options sent by the bureaus trying to analyse who is the best fit.
Only to realise that

The Speaker is not available for your dates or is beyond the budget or reaching your location is a problem.

If you have ever felt this way we have a solution……….. Ruchi Sethi.

Ruchi is your Global Speaker Manager , she is the best at her job for identifying and providing quality speakers, wizards of their respective fields to her clients matching clients dates and budgets effortlessly.

For Ruchi its not about the speakers she has but about the Clients Need. She deep dives into finding her way through and getting the best fit on board for your conferences/ workshops. She believes in possibilities, and works very closely with Most Genuine & Authentic speakers across industry globally.

If your business choses to learn and grow real time global standard. This girl will get you Authentic speakers who add value and who understand the crowd and speak with them and not at them.

We get you speakers who:

  • You can relate to
  • Inspire change
  • Are Globally accredited
  • Have an authentic message for the world
  • Will help you grow
  • Are amongst the best few from their industry
  • Have the same belief system as yours

To get Ruchi to assist you in your search for your best speaker, write to her at ruchi@ruchisethi.com

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